Due to the variety, and number of pets that may be in our reception area when you visit, we ask that you take the following into consideration:

  • Your pet may be nervous or excited about being in a strange place, or seeing new people or animals. Or the other pets may be.
  • Your, or another pet, may be sick and could possibly be contagious.
  • One or more of the other pets might be feeling ‘mean’ if they are not feeling well.

It is recommended that all pets be properly restrained before coming into the hospital. Cats should be in carriers, and dogs on proper leashes. Pitbulls need to be muzzled as per city by-laws. If you do not own a carrier for your cat, let us know when you book your appointment, and we will provide one while you are in the clinic.

Try to maintain as much space as is possible between your pet and the others in the hospital, no matter how friendly they may seem. Our staff do their best to try and isolate animals we believe may be ill, or possibly contagious but it is not always possible.

We will make every effort to have each client seen on time, however emergency situations do sometimes arise and are given priority. We want to provide the best medical care for all our patients, and sometimes an annual check-up can change into a more complex consultation.

If you are under time constraints, please ask our staff about our ‘drop-off’ policy. Information is also available at
Medical Admissions
We appreciate your patience and will see you as soon as we can.