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1. The progression of dental disease
2. What we recommend to prevent this progression.
3. The dental program overview.

Specific information available only to clients is as follows:

1. All prices are keeping to no greater than what is the current recommended suggested fee provided in the annual fee guide circulated by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association.

2. On top of this we offer a seasonal discount on the above fee to make it closer to 70% of the OVMA fee guide. Each season varies, but it is generally cheaper to get dentistry in the winter, particularly in February (availability in this month depends on booking level).

3. We offer 30% off your next dentistry (including the seasonal discount) if you bring your pet back within the recommended 12-18 months from the last dental. (We are firm with this time period, because longer periods lead to more work and possible need for extractions).

4. February is dental month. We offer 10% off regularly priced dentals (including any seasonal discount). People who are entitled to the 30% off repeat dental price are excluded. It is better to book during less busy times of year anyway. We also usually provide at least a free bag of dental food during this month.

5. Multiple Pet House Cycle Care: In order to keep all your pets teeth clean we offer an extended 30% off credit to cover all your pet’s on a rotation basis. All pets must get a regularly priced dental first to get an initial dental chart established in order to identify all the abnormal teeth or oral lesions.
Once all are done you just need to bring one pet in every 12-18 months to get 30% off any pet. Some pets need it more frequently than the others, while some may only need it every 3-4 years! The only other rule for the 30% is that the pet can’t go more than 4 years since his first dental to get the 30% off.

6. Extractions are included in the 30% off deal if the particular tooth’s abnormality was not recorded on the first dental chart before your pet entered our dental program AND your pet never lapsed in the boundaries of this program (one pet seen every 12-18 months for a dental prophylaxis).

Please call us for an appointment today and start your pet on the road to oral health.


For more information click on Veterinary Oral Health Council