The flea season is starting!

This month we sort of combine with a continuation of heartworm awareness month(s). The flea season can be quite long pending from April- May to even January. The fleas can winter over in the house, and we tend to see more fleas on animals in the fall. In general flea eggs and larvae don’t survive winter but it’s possible that the pupae flea stage does (depends on how long winter lasts, how cold, how humid, etc).

In June we hi-light the flea life cycle and educate on how to prevent your home from being infected. 85% of the flea life cycle is in the home, not on your pet. We have medication to prevent fleas from reproducing (insect growth regulators) and others that are adulticides. Flea preventatives are commonly combined with, or are effective on their own as preventatives for heartworm, mange, ear mites, ticks and other internal and external parasites.

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Flea Prevention and Control