Monthly Programs

We focus our attention on something new each month for client education, staff re-education and to improve service and thoroughness in specific areas. By getting all the staff involved at weekly meetings, we think we can improve awareness and care in these areas throughout the year. 

We offer discounts each month to celebrate the monthly focus. 

Refer to the open area of this website for general information about each month’s area of focus.  Discounts or promotions are printed below. These could vary by the year, so call the hospital to get current offerings close to the specific month.

January:  Cat Weight loss Month

25% off Cat Weight Loss Programs.  Including both the 6-12 month program, and the mini weight loss visit.
Free bag of Royal Canin Weight loss diet.
Weight Loss Program

February: Dental Month

10% off prophylactic dentistry and a free bag of dental diet. This includes 10% off all associated services related to the dental including in-hospital pre-anesthetic blood work. The 10% is over and above any seasonal discounts that may be offered. All our prices, including these dental prices before the seasonal promotions, are 85% of the OVMA fee guidelines.
We are committed to providing high quality dental care including thorough ultrasonic piezo electric scaling and polishing using our Dentalaire 3 station. The pets teeth are examined both by the veterinary technician (RVT) and the supervising veterinarian, dental periodontal pockets are measured and dental charts are created to document all abnormalities.  Animals have IV fluids and are monitored closely by our RVT as well as with respiratory and blood pressure monitoring alarm devices.
What is excluded from this offer is any client claiming a 30% discount for a repeat dental (offered within 18months of the last dental), and for extra professional services and anesthesia related to the extraction of bad teeth.
Dental Program

March: Ontario Humane Society Support Month 

This is a fund raising month to support the efforts of the OHSThe promotion to support the OHS will vary by year.
We have ongoing support throughout the year with our pet memoriam.  We give a $15 gift in remembrance of any pet under our care that is humanely put to sleep due to advancing chronic illnesses, or to relieve the pet from pain, suffering or discomfort when we can’t treat them.
We have a current target to raise $30,000 for the OHS and we are over $20,000 already by the end of 2011.  We welcome, and thank you, for any donation you can make.  Please mention our name with your donation, so that the OHS can keep track of where the referrals are coming from.

April: Dog Weight Loss Month 

25% off Dog Weight Loss Programs.  Including both the 6-12 month program, and the mini weight loss visit.
Free bag of Royal Canin Weight loss diet – Satiety support or other.
In 2012 we are offering a free trial bottle of Slentrol diet pills; if it is appropriate for a particular patient (a veterinary consult may be necessary to evaluate this depending on the time period since the last consult).
Weight Loss Program

May: Heartworm Prevention Month 

Although we don’t have any direct discounts during this period our veterinary diagnostic lab, Idexx, typically offers discounts in wellness panels combined with heartworm testing, that makes it more affordable to have your pet’s internal organs assessed.
We advise wellness blood screens every 3 years up until the geriatric period where we advise a more frequent assessment.
We have recently broken from the general veterinary recommendation of having your pet’s blood checked for heartworm disease every 1-3 years while taking heart worm medication. There are a number of reasons to do rechecking, but we believe that if the initial testing is done 2 -3 years in a row (usually 2x) and your pet stays on medication annually, with no missed medication at key times, then there is no significant reason to retest.

June: Flea Prevention Month 

No sales during this period.  Just increased client awareness of this problem.  Occasionally, a pharmaceutical company may offer a promotion to try one of their flea preventatives.
Remember all animals in the house need to be treated at the same time. 85% of the problem is the immature forms of fleas and the adults that remain on the animals only account for 15% of the problem. The need to treat the environment though, is nowadays not necessary with the modern flea treatments available at veterinary offices. It is still a good idea though to vacuum thoroughly, and throw out the vacuum bag afterward, to prevent flea eggs and larva from developing inside the bag. 

July: Allergy Awareness Month

No discount at this time.  Check for dietary promotions of Royal Canin Skin Support, which can be a big help at preventing the signs of environmental allergies in some pets. Overall it helps the skin deal with allergies by the omega fatty acid (EFA and DHA) content , the ‘pinch’ skin barrier blend (pantothenic acid, inositol, nicotinamide, choline and histidine), and the patented Skin Support Blend (curcumin, aloe vera, vitamin C and Taurine).

August: Mobility / Regenerative Therapy Month

Along with potential discounts on arthritis diets (such as J/D and Mobility diet) there may be significant discounts on laser therapy during this month.  Please see the promotion section on Regenerative Medicine and Laser Therapy.  For details see Laser Therapy

September: Pet Insurance Awareness Month 

Pet insurance companies often have promotions throughout this month.  The main companies that offer us promotions are Petsecure and Trupanion. Normally, we need to examine the pet before it is able to benefit from a trial of free or discounted pet insurance in order to exclude pre-existing conditions.  Call us to see what is up this month.

October: Animal Health Celebration Month

In October we offer 50% off micro-chipping your pet during animal health week. Otherwise, we offer 25% off this service for the rest of the month to celebrate the importance the health and welfare of our animals are to us. We want to make sure our loved pets get back to us if they are ever lost.

November: Senior Wellness Month

In November, with any wellness panel (done for wellness screening reasons and not when a pet is ill for any reason), you can get ½ price on a screening abdominal and chest x-ray and a free nail trim. Blood pressure measurements are all ½ price this month.
Senior Cat Wellness Program
Senior Dog Wellness Program

December: Internal Parasite Prevention Month

This month we offer 30% off on all in-house stool analyses we perform by fecal centrifugation methods (not the old floatation methods).  Remember this same deal is offered within 7 days of the annual physical exam too, so bring in a fecal sample when your pet comes in for his/ her annual or bi-annual exam.
It is recommended that all pets that have access to outdoors have a stool sample checked 1-2 times a year. December is a good time to clean out all unwanted parasites since re-infestation this time of year is highly unlikely.