The following Pages contain: 

1.    Overview of what should be expected at each visit during the weight loss program.

2.    Information on…..”the weight loss program information”

-the causes of obesity

-factors influencing weight gain

-problems and diseases associated with overweightness

-why an overweight condition predisposes to disease

-weight management

-feeding plan

-hurdles to any weight loss program and how to avoid them

-dog life enrichment

-cat life enrichment

-exercise program and exercise ideas

-psychological and behavioural modification

-rebound program

Overview of weight loss visits

1.    Mini visit

-Explanation of the 4 key aspects of the weight loss program

-calculating the body condition score (BCS) and the Target Weight

-overview obesity and obesity management

-calculate energy requirements for weight loss then quantities of food

-start a weight loss graph

-give a weight loss questionnaire , take picture and set up vet follow ups if the 6-12 month program is started.

2.    First official visit of Weight loss program.

 take a picture of your pet – 2 view  ‘Before Shots’

-BCS/ Kcal adjustments / Target weight/ feeding guidelines

-review questionnaire and answer concerns/ questions

-discuss weight loss (part 1) notes that follow and direct you to this webpage.

3.    Second technician Visit

BCS and pet weight (each visit)

-dietary adjustments

-deal with your concerns.

-open discussion on the weight loss notes and review part 2 of the notes that follow starting at the major hurdles of weight loss.

4.    Tech recheck Visits  (brief)

-BCS and pet weight

-fill in the tech guideline sheets to get consistency and assure all the data is collected. Eg. % weight loss per week, % since last visit, Kcal adjustments etc

-Adjust diet to achieve the goal of 1.3-2.6% weigh loss / week

-listen and address your concerns

-review , address and note progress in file of particular aspects of the program. eg. Psych. Factors, exercise program, feeding habits etc.