February is Pet Dental Health Month, at Beechwood Animal Hospital and across North America. This month our goal is to draw attention to the most commonly diagnosed condition in veterinary medicine, periodontal disease.

Tartar and gingivitis lead to periodontal disease, so don’t ignore your pet’s bad breath!! Regular dental care at home and in the hospital can help prevent periodontal disease, as well as the pain and discomfort associated with infection and inflammation in your pet’s mouth.

During the month of February, Beechwood Animal Hospital will be discounting all canine and feline dentals by 10%**. We have recently acquired a digital dental x-ray unit which will help us to better diagnose and treat your pet. In addition, your pet will be given a goodie bag to take home, to help get him or her on the way to better oral health!


We use this month to clearly educate clients and staff on the…


importance of keeping their pet’s teeth clean

to avoid the oral and systemic illnesses that arise due to the progression of dental disease.  We want to encourage home care to prevent all dental problems ideally.  Check out the dental program information on specifics you can do to avoid dental problems. The easiest thing to do is not leave food down all the time for your animals, scale your pets teeth when needed and give your dogs lots of chew toys. Dental diets are available that help prevent tartar and gingivitis.  For more information visit our Dental Program There are also quick videos on how to brush your pet’s teeth.


Healthy pets are happy pets!


**some restrictions may apply