Calico with Audacity and Tenacity


I am the Queen of Beechwood Animal Hospital, having joined the team for my retirement in early 2020. I spend my days yelling at my staff for food, cuddles, and love. I may be an older lady, but I will always be a sassy, carefree, sleepy Queen. I enjoy supervising clinic activities, staring at my food dish and observing any insects that may happen to pass by my way. My nemesis is the comb, and I will yell and try to bite when it comes near!


Favourite Pastime

Box Inspector

What I do for these girls

Sleeping on the Job



Emily joined our team in March of 2019. She spends her day to day ensuring that operations at the clinic run smoothly. She shares her home with 2 cats, Atlas and Anya. She spends her free time hunting for midcentury clothing & housewares to add to her collection.

Kim, RVT


Kim is a graduate of Algonquin College in 2007. Her passion and love for animals drove her into the field, where she expanded on her interests and became the Inventory and Supply manager in 2019. She loves to hunt down the best options for her patients and she works with several suppliers and distributors to get the best deal in the shortest time.

Outside of work she enjoys reading, nature, animals, and baking. She has two cats at home named Little Foot and Flea.