Mark, VT


Mark graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2019 with a Bachelor’s in Biology and the Algonquin College Veterinary Technician program in 2021. He completed his student placement at Beechwood and decided to stick around for a while longer. Growing up he’s always lived with several cats or dogs, with hopes for more in the future. In his spare time, Mark can be found with his nose in a book, listening to music, or playing video games.

Gillian, RVT


Gill is a newly graduated Veterinary Technician from Algonquin College that we convinced to stay with us after her student placement. Although she has only been with us for a year, she has been one of our star surgery technicians. She shares her home with a heckin’ cute cat named Hecate! In her spare time, you’ll find her amassing more plants for her ever-growing collection and going to art galleries with friends.

veterinary technician checking labrador retriever's pulse

Allison, RVT


Alli graduated from the Algonquin College’s Veterinary Technician Program and has been working at this clinic for her entire career of 7 years! She has a passion for cytology, parasitology, and ultrasound. She shares her plant-filled home with a sweet cat named Shine and a trouble-making dog named Wookie, who has been voted the mascot of Beechwood Animal Hospital 7 years running. In her spare time, you’ll find her playing video games or enjoying a nice big glass of espresso on her balcony!

registered veterinary technician holding cat

Deanna, RVT


Deanna was born and raised in Kenora, ON and always had animals while growing up. She was always ‘rescuing’ critters from the back-yard! Dee started working professionally with animals when she got a job thru a co-op placement with the Humane Society, which later became the SPCA Kenora Branch. She worked there for six years, usually during the summer months when she’d return home from college.

Dee attended Northern College starting out in the Veterinary Assistant Program,  then went on to do the Technician Program, and finished off with the Veterinary Technology Wildlife Rehabilitation Program. She graduated with honours in 2006 and moved to Ottawa to work at Beechwood Animal Hospital. Deanna is one of our Weight Loss Program consultants. She is certified in Class 4 Companion Animal Laser Therapy and Stem Cell Processing techniques. She is currently completing a veterinary medicine course on the Basic Principles of Rabbits and Ferrets.

Dee went to South Africa in June 2007 to participate in the ‘Vet Nurses in The Wild’ Program. There she got to experience, hands-on, the world of wildlife conservation in Southern Africa, and participated in game capture and relocation programs.

Dee is our resident menagerie miss. Her current companions include two cats, Gracie and Spooks, and two dogs Sevens and Zoey. She also has two Husky mix dogs, Simba and Snoopy, who live in Kenora with her parents.

It is never surprising to have her arrive at work with her latest rescue, usually a kitten, and she always finds them a good home.