Inventory & Supply Manager

Born and raised in Orleans, Kim always had cats when she was growing up. As a child she had a doctor’s kit (stethoscope, thermometer, etc.) that she loved to play with. She liked to help people ‘feel better’, and would follow her Dad around the yard while he was working, band-aid in hand, ready to run to his aid when he inevitably hurt himself.

She was not really sure, or familiar with all her options for school, until a friend told her about the Veterinary Technician Program at Algonquin College. She arranged to attend an information night and was hooked! She applied for the program, was accepted and graduated in 2007, when she came to Beechwood Animal Hospital to work.

Kim always loved her classes, and looked forward to school. She has a deep interest in biology and loves to watch documentaries about biology, human health, bacteria etc., then keeps us all up to date at work the next day. Sometimes to our chagrin!

Kim loves to cook, bake, (which we all love her for), bicycle, hike and enjoys nature. She even loves winter!

Kim lives with 2 VERY cute cats she adopted, named Little Foot and Flea,  and has a dog, Max, who lives with her parents. In this picture she is holding her cats.