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Beechwood Animal Hospital!

Bienvenue à Beechwood Animal Hospital!


As of Friday March 27th, we will be reducing our opening hours for the next 2 weeks (March 27th to April 13th), but as this crisis continues to progress we will re-evaluate in 2 weeks and may need to extend it for a longer period of time.

New opening hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday:  9 am- 5 pm

Thursday: 7 am- 5 pm

Saturday: 9 am-2 pm

We will no longer be accepting cash and we would prefer to accept credit card payments over the phone.  We will process debit card payments.

We will continue to see only urgent or essential appointments. We are currently rescheduling elective appointments and procedures to May-June. Please give us a call, or email if you are unsure if your appointment is subject to rescheduling.

We ask that you give us a call once you arrive to the clinic and be aware that you may be asked to wait in your car until we are ready to see you.  We are doing our best to adhere to isolation distancing.

Medication refills still require the 24 hour request notice, and may be delayed by supplier availability.

For food orders, be aware that due to supplier delays, we are currently experiencing longer than usual shipping times.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

Your Beechwood Animal Hospital Team.

[email protected]


Lucky Turns 18!

Lucky turned 18 yesterday! It’s scary times, so we decided to celebrate. We wanted to send a huge thank you to all of you for taking care of Lucky for the last 18 years! We also wanted to thank you for your continued care in the midst of a pandemic. 
Sarah (and Lucky!)






Welcome to Beechwood Animal Hospital!
Bienvenue à Beechwood Animal Hospital!

We care about the health of your furry family members. Our focus is dogs, cats, rabbits and pocket pets, and the wellness of your pets throughout their lives. We offer special additional services such as Export Preparation, Companion Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy We also have developed programs to facilitate dental care, and age specific wellness programs. (puppy and kitten to geriatric) .

We are currently accepting new clients and patients, and are always grateful for any of your kind referrals.

Beechwood Animal Hospital is committed to excellence in serving all customers including people with disabilities, and meet the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service Ontario Regulations.

This website is regularly updated and monitored by our staff. The ‘client education articles’ and ‘news’ sections, among other areas, are both being added to, updated and modified by our veterinary specific internet provider.

Please feel free to give us a call, or email us with any questions, concerns, or to book an appointment for your beloved furry friend today. 613-748-9820.

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All Life Stages

From puppy and kitten through adolescence, adulthood and into their senior years, we team with you to help maintain optimum health of your furry family member throughout their lives. Continuing with annual exams, vaccines, wellness bloodwork, parasite prevention, nutrition, dental care and more we aim to address any unforeseen health issues as they arise and implement the best treatment plan for you.

Complementary Services

Export Preparation

Laser Therapy

Behaviour Services

Medical Services

If your pet needs medical assistance, you can feel confident turning to us. We advise at least a yearly physical examination to help detect any potential health problems with your pet.


Dental Services

We offer many options to help keep your pet’s teeth clean and gums healthy. A full dental scheduled approximately every 18 months may be required.

Surgical Services

Our experienced veterinarians provide many surgical services at our clinic, ranging from routine to advanced procedures, and including elective, soft tissue and have access to Board Certified Surgical Specialists for non-routine procedures.

Pocket Pets

Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from veterinary attention


Our Mission Statement

To provide thorough, thoughtful, and tailored veterinary services for all animals entrusted to our care, with an emphasis on patient safety, comfort and well-being; as well as maintaining on average costs within 85% OVMA guidelines.

To communicate with our clients in a clear, concise, and respectful manner; to listen to concerns, and prioritize diagnostic and treatment options in a sincere and compassionate manner.

To empower and educate our entire team so we all contribute to the health of our patients; to promote and actively pursue continuing education for all staff members