We have the equipment and knowledge to perform in-house diagnostic and pre-anesthetic blood screens, urinalysis, microscopy, cytology, parasitic fecal flotations, pulse oximetry, blood pressure,  radiography and ultrasonography.

We send most  of our blood and urine samples  to IDEXX in Toronto and have results in 24 to 48 hours. (specific exemptions occur).

We have access to comprehensive diagnostic bio-chemical panels, specific blood level chemical evaluations, disease detecting serology, PCR DNA testing, microbial cultures and sensitivities, cystology, histo-pathology, parasitology, and parentage testing among others.

We have  access to  Board Certified specialists and veterinarians for all these areas through IDEXX

IDEXX Small Animal Health

We send cystology and histo-pathology samples to Brian Wilcock DVM, PhD at HIstovet.. He is a keen and very experienced histo-pathologist and professor at University of Guelph. We find his reports very descriptive and detailed, with a touch of humour.
Brian Wilcock