Beechwood Animal Hospital in Ottawa began in August 1996 on the property that once was used for animal processing and horse care years ago when horses dominated or ruled the streets. The establishment caused a terrible odour to spread over the new homes developing in the area, so the Vanier city banned any veterinary hospital or similar business from establishing in the Beechwood Area.  We had to fight this bylaw and show that we would not be a nuisance to the residential community. We had to address issues of noise and smell control.

The hospital began as a small L-shaped facility, built into an unwanted space that was left after the “make your own” winery was established.  There was no leasehold development, just grey drywall and only a 2” space was found to drill in water and drains to make it functional. The space allowed the construction of a fully functional and certified hospital where every square foot counted, but there was enough room and nice high ceilings. Within 5 years the winery closed and we were able to expand to a full rectangular space allowing 2 exam rooms, 2 treatment rooms, 2 wards and a decent sized office.

As of January 2020, we’ve developed to employ 4.5 veterinarians, 6 veterinary technicians, 4 receptionists and 3 certified veterinary assistants, a Client Services Manager, an Office Manager, an Inventory and Supply Manager and a Practice Manager.  We’ve developed life stage, dental, and wellness programs, and a monthly focus program. 

We have a board certified surgeon that comes in frequently to do advanced orthopedic or other surgeries for our clientele; such as TPLO procedures for stifles and fracture and patella procedures. We have access to two veterinary ultrasonographers that do abdominal, thoracic and  echocardiography on site, and we also do ultrasounds of the abdomen and bladder ourselves.

Most recently we have expanded by joining in partnership with veterinarians from across Ottawa and the surrounding areas, to create Ottawa’s first Emergency Only veterinary hospital. It is called the Animal Emergency and Specialty Hospital.