Bloodwork Services

Bloodwork gives us insight into how well specific organs and internal systems are working.

Bloodwork not only helps us diagnose suspected health issues but also helps to determine any underlying problems in the early stages. Before your dog or cat does bloodwork, we’ll provide you with specific instructions to ensure the results are accurate. If you have questions about upcoming bloodwork, contact us at 613-748-9820.

Where is bloodwork processed? 

We have the equipment and knowledge to perform in-house diagnostic and pre-anesthetic blood screens, urinalysis, microscopy, cytology, parasitic fecal flotations, pulse oximetry, blood pressure, radiography and ultrasonography. However, we also send most of our blood and urine samples to IDEXX in Toronto and have results in 24 to 48 hours.

What’s the difference between routine and specific tests? 

Routine tests like Complete Blood Counts (CBC) give us a general overview of your dog or cat’s health. Blood results tell us specific information about areas of their bodies and how best to support their health. For example, glucose measures let us know if your dog or cat is at risk of developing diabetes. It also helps us evaluate organ function, hormone levels and allows us to determine if anesthesia is safe for your dog or cat before their upcoming procedure. Specific tests are used when assessing specific organs or areas in the body. Depending on the type of test your dog or cat needs, they may need to fast or avoid exercise before their visit.

How long does my dog/cat need to fast before their bloodwork? 

Typically, your dog or cat will need to gently fast for at least 6 hours before their bloodwork. This includes not eating, but they must stay well hydrated. They should also avoid exercise and other physical activity that involves exerting a lot of energy. Being as calm as possible before the appointment makes the process of taking blood samples easier.

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