Vaccines for Puppies & Dogs

Vaccinations help your dog build immunity against rabies, bordetella, distemper and more.

Vaccinations provide your puppy or dog with protection against diseases that could otherwise be detrimental to their health. Thanks in part to the commitment to vaccination by dog owners, we’re able to keep the transmission rate of certain diseases lower in our community. Play your part in protecting your dog (and those around you) by booking a vaccination appointment!

When should I book my puppy for their first vaccine?

Vaccinations typically follow a schedule determined by which ones we deem necessary for maintaining your puppy's overall health, starting when they're 6-8 weeks old. Core vaccinations are essential for all puppies, regardless of their health status. For instance, government mandates require vaccines like rabies due to the highly contagious and harmful nature of the disease to both pets and humans. Non-core vaccines, on the other hand, are administered based on your puppy's or dog's lifestyle, which might increase their vulnerability to specific diseases. For instance, your dog might need a Bordetella vaccine if they frequently spend time in kennels.

Why does my dog need a rabies vaccine?

Many regions have enacted laws that mandate the vaccination of dogs, cats, and sometimes ferrets against rabies. These regulations serve to safeguard both pets and humans from this lethal disease. Rabies vaccines for dogs are available in one, two, and three-year cycles. You can consult your veterinarian to determine which option is most suitable for you and your pet. Thanks to the implementation of rabies laws, control and prevention initiatives, as well as the collaboration of pet owners, instances of domesticated pets becoming infected with this disease are exceedingly rare in North America. By ensuring your dog's rabies vaccination remains current, you're not only safeguarding their well-being but also contributing to the elimination of rabies within the pet community of your locality. Should you have any inquiries about our vaccination protocol, please contact us at 613-748-9820.

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