Weight Management for Pets

Weight management is more than a weight loss plan - it is a series of changes for better health.

Obesity is a growing problem for dogs and cats, predisposing them to a range of health issues like osteoarthritis. Weight management can support your dog or cat to lose weight as well as change any behaviours that contribute to their obesity. If you have questions about weight management, please contact us at 613-748-9820.

Is weight management similar to dieting?

Weight management is more than a diet. Though caloric restriction is part of the process, your dog or cat will also engage in exercise and behaviour modification. Before the weight management process begins, we’ll assess your dog or cat’s overall health, breed, and feeding schedule and determine their metrics. Based on this information, we’ll determine a healthy weight to work towards.

How can I reward my dog or cat’s progress without treats?

Incentives can encourage your dog or cat to continue their weight loss journey. While you might be accustomed to using treats to reinforce good behavior, there are alternative ways to express your pride to your dog or cat. You could use the following strategies instead: 

  • Creating a positive environment with gentle music 
  • Taking your dog on long walks 
  • Spending more time to play 
  • Using affirming language 
  • Using physical touch like petting 

How long does weight management take?

Weight management is a lifelong process that will continue even after your dog or cat has reached a healthy weight. The number on the scale is a journey, not a destination. Weight management involves maintaining the practices and modifications learned while using the plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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